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SOS Clearing House 
SOS International
SOS Secular Sobriety
SOS Behind Bars
SOS Dallas
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SOS Western New York
Madtown Secular Recovery
SOS Sarasota - Florida 
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SOS Belgium
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SOS E-Groups
Home E-Group of SOS

SOS Save Our Selves E-Support Group --Support and Information-

SOS Women E-Support Group --Set up to meet the needs of women in SOS

SOS International Journal E-group The purpose of this site is not to obtain feedback from others. It is, rather, a forum where people can write their thoughts and feelings as an alternative to pen and paper, can share their writing with others for the purpose of assisting those who are still struggling, or just to vent feelings around urges, possibly preventing slips and relapses.

The Discussion Board
Allows us to open a topic and follow it through in some detail.

SOS Groups E-Lists.  
For the use of promoting the Group and giving Info to the local members.

SOS Netherlands E-Support Group
SOS Chicago E-Support Group
SOS Western New York E-Support Group 
SOS Central Texas Temple E-Support Group  
SOS Dallas E-support Group
SOS Austin E-Support Group

NYS-wide SOS E-Support Group

SOS Group Site --for Real Time Support Meetings -- Times & places for SOS meetings--Some info on posting--Some info on SOS 

SOS Meetings and contacts to start a meeting.
If there isn't a meeting in your area leave your contact info with James Christopher. This is how many of our meetings start, it's hard to start a meeting if no one knows you're out there.
Not all cites have a SOS Meeting--Some have phone contacts--Where you can talk with a SOS member over the phone in your area. In some cites SOS members meet as needed for coffee. This is why it's so important that you leave contact information with James Christopher. There may be some one in your area who wants to lend an ear and a voice. Someone who cares and wants to help.  A
meeting being formed. Please don't miss out.

Contact Jim Christopher
Jim Christopher (323) 666-4295
Save Our Selves (SOS)
4773 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90027 
E-mail: Att: Jim Christopher

Let Jim know you are out there. This is how we grow.



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